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For 30 years Selina has advised and guided photographers through the business landscape of an artistic life.

Selina Maitreya

1 on 1 Teachings

This is the premier, Route One way to work with Selina. You and Selina online together, on the phone/skype, in the same room together (when practical).

Take advantage of all the knowledge, know-how and input of 30 years as a creative guru. This is where Selina’s expertise is laser focused on your photography business and on you. Her total experience and insight is completely at your service. You are the agenda and you are the star.

This is an extraordinary way to move your business forward, and create strategies for success.

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Success Stories

Read just a few of the hundreds of thank you’s and comments Selina has received over the last 30+ years.

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How to Succeed in Commercial Photography

The Book

How to Succeed in Commercial Photography:
Insights from a Leading Consultant

That "leading consultant" is, of course, Selina Maitreya. Start at page one and read to The End, or go totally random.

This volume is designed to accommodate even the most attention-challenged, non-linear creative mind. Infuse your business and work with the practical and spiritual lessons contained within this book and within Selina. Your entire business is right here.

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The Best Revenge is Massive Success


Selina Loves to Share. Here are some evergreen articles Selina has written that will be of help to you.

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Live Presentations

Live Presentations

"Selina is brilliant. She understands photographers and our ever-accelerating changing field like no one else. Her unique perspective incorporates not only her decades of experience in the industry, but also her personal philosophies about the inseparable links between a photographer's vision, style, and life. Her presentations are entertaining, highly informative and informal, and comprehensively cover a wide range of crucial contemporary issues."

Jeff Kausch,
APA SF Chapter Regional Director

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We Become What We Practice

Spiritual Teachings

No longer only Guru to photographers, Selina is a Spiritual teacher who focuses on providing guidance to individuals and groups who seek to lead lives that are peaceful and abundant.

Click here to learn more about the teaching, and practices Selina continues to share with students around the globe.

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