Consultation With Selina : Become One-with-The One

Selina Maitreya

This is the premier, Route One way to work with Selina. You and Selina online together, on the phone/skype , in the same room together (when practical). Take advantage of all the knowledge, know-how and input of 30 years as a creative guru.

This is where Selina’s expertise is laser focused on your business and on you. Her total experience and insight is completely at your service. You are the agenda and you are the star.

This is an extraordinary way to move your business forward, create strategies for success, exchange ideas, inspire thoughts and simply push the process forward in the most positive manner. Consultations are scheduled and charged by the hour.

Make arrangements to become One-on-One today.

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"I meet Selina at an ASMP event at a time when my business was at a crossroad. Though I enjoyed doing architectural photography, I was feeling unsatisfied. Upon first review of my portfolio, Selina immediately recognized a prominent thread throughout my work; “I’m happy to guide you along in your architectural photography business but what I see in your work is that of a storyteller.” The missing piece to the puzzle was found! I jumped on board and haven’t looked back. Her guidance throughout the transition of my branding and central focus of my work was invaluable and always done with a kind heart, gentle nature, and bountiful patience. When Selina called, excited with the idea for my new tagline, Telling Stories of Spaces and People in Places, I knew I’d chosen the right partner to accompany me on this new journey!"

Carol Liscovitz


Let's read the book of you.

Let's spin it around, turn it upside down and put it under the squinty-eyed loupe of marketability. We view every portfolio without pretext or prejudice. Your style, your needs and your goals drive and inform the discussion. The consultation centers on the existing visual integrity, approach, editing and sequencing of your online & print portfolio.

What to expect from a Ms. Maitreya consultation: We get physical with the look and feel of your current body of work. We offer real, go-and-do suggestions designed to enhance your hire-me-now appeal. We evaluate and add value. We counsel on what you have and what you lack. We provide visions of new and alternative markets. All designed so you'll walk away with a clear sense of how your work stands up in the visual marketplace and the next smart steps to take.

Selina is available for one-on-one consultations. Speak to all aspects, elements, issues, challenges and joys of your business, your vision and your life. It's all about you, you and you.

Go one-on-one. A private audience with The Princess.

The woman was born to teach - to move clients forward in their creative businesses.

Forward can diverge in many directions:

  • Defining vision
  • Editing shots
  • Generating new shots
  • Developing 12 month sales and marketing strategies

To expedite needs and goals, Selina will have a front-end conversation before booking an initial appointment. This is a no-fee, 20-minute call that allows an opportunity to see if or how her services could be of help. If at the end of the initial call, an appointment is booked, a first meeting agenda will be jointly developed.

The initial meetings are set for two hours and all of the time is used for the work at hand. A great deal of ground is covered and Selina will record your conversation and send you an MP3.

After the initial working session, ongoing consultation services are explained and offered as needed. All major projects are front-ended by a discussion about the goal of the project and the scope of the proposal.

Face-time with clients is truly special and appreciated. It is a privilege and an honor that so many clients choose to come back year after year.

for the Royal One-on-One treatment.

"Working with Selina was amazing. We edited and paginated my portfolio and then worked together to create new shoots.We finished our work by creating a complete sales and marketing program which I have been working all year. I am thrilled as I've never been busier. Working with Selina was a treat and the assignments I’ ve received have paid for my marketing investment many times over."

Emily Hagopian

Portfolio Build

Ultimately, the portfolio is the thing.

You may be the grooviest dresser, the best dancer and the hands-down life of the party, but if that book doesn't sing, it's all over. Your portfolio is your visual voice and the physical proof of your talents. Selina Maitreya provides seasoned insight to the creative pro who has committed to building the highly competitive portfolio. When you partner with Selina, we'll hunker down together and:

  • Comprehensively review your creative and financial goals.
  • Examine current work in the context of your goals and the marketplace.
  • Determine the requirements for taking your presentation to another level.
  • Partner to concept new images.
  • Have a sandwich or possibly a nice salad.
  • Develop a strict timeline for getting real things done.
  • Individualize your book's physical format and appearance.

And to enhance the whole shebang or as a primer to your hands-on Selina experience, consider reading her best-for-selling How To Succeed In Commercial Photography: Insights from a Leading Consultant (Hint, Hint).

Portfolio Build is at the significant center of our operation. Portfolio Build is a thorough, methodical process, not simply a re-ordering of shots. Portfolio Build is always about flexibility that stays sharply focused on the truth about you and your work.

"Selina’s experience, insight, and preparation made my consultation the best hour I’ve ever spent on marketing my business. Her suggestions have given me a clear path to follow."

David Fonda

Advertising and Marketing

You have a story to sell. We have a job to do.

Selina is all about boosting you up onto the pedestal of industry acclaim. We love nothing better than to raise the velvet curtain on your professional success. You may very well be a photographic genius (all of our clients are). But haven't we all known geniuses bunkered down in their basements with aluminum foil over the windows? A legitimate choice. Although, if you're reading this, we don't imagine that life in a dark basement with a stockpile of expired film is your preference.

Selina Maitreya helps you develop a multi-dimensional, get-up-and-go advertising program. Elements may include: direct mail, sourcebook ads, portfolio visits, follow-up methods, client reminders, public relations/press efforts and sponsorship of Australian Rules Football (just checking if you're paying attention). Selina has the savvy to maximize any ad budget. We will systematize your entire year's promotion and create a critical plan for determination of success. (We know you're paying attention now.)