"My work with Selina has been an extremely positive experience. Her presentation and structure create an insightful and informative workflow, and her eye for editing and pagination is suburb. With Selina's attention to detail and experience, we have created a very clear and comprehensive marketing structure and plan. I look forward to working with Selina in the future, continuing to build my portfolio and marking skills."

Raymond Graber

"I think there comes a time in every photographer's career when you need a serious and experienced "eye" to aid you in making sure your best work is being put out there and seen by the people who matter. Selina is the best in the business as far as I am concerned. She has a super sharp eye and a tried-and-true methodology that can "up your game" in ways you never thought possible. I feel fortunate to have found her through the APA and will continue to utilize her strong sense of imagery and marketing as I move on in my long career. Thank you Selina!"

Bill Bernstein

"Working with Selina was amazing. We edited and paginated my portfolio and then worked together to create new shoots.We finished our work by creating a complete sales and marketing program which I have been working all year. I am thrilled as I've never been busier. Working with Selina was a treat and the assignments I’ ve received have paid for my marketing investment many times over."

Emily Hagopian

"Selina isn’t a photo consultant-she’s a member of my team. While I’m busy taking care of the urgent stuff-jobs and clients, she’s keeping me on track with the important things that otherwise would get pushed to she sidelines: Creating and editing new portfolio work, and systematically marketing not just to my current clients but also to those I want to have in the future.

Working with Selina has been a truly transformative experience. I recommend her wholeheartedly to any photographer who wants to “up” their marketing game and is willing to work hard to do so.

After the portfolio rebuild process, I’m finding that my approach to my assignment work changed and that’s leading to stronger images and happier clients."

Brian Fitzgerald

"Selina helped me change my world as I knew it.

Selina, is not only my coach but a team member in my business and my cheerleader. I needed accountability, which I got, but more importantly I had someone to call throughout the year when I got stuck (and I got stuck!). Thankfully, she made me get out of my comfort zone and helped me push myself through to the end.

I have enjoyed this incredible journey, not only as I created a whole new body of work, but working with Selina created a new awareness and the consciousness that goes with it. I am amazed and thrilled and deeply grateful for the chance to work with her. This has been the most transformational year for me and I am so proud of the work that we have done together.

What can I say except that Selina,has helped me to shift my whole business and my mindset."

Lesley Bohm

"I first contacted Selina to help me edit images. When we first started working together she changed the way I thought about photography and my place in it. We’ve gone from editing images to shooting for the portfolio and on to marketing. I doubt that any photographer likes marketing but having goals and deadlines help keep me on track."

Jim Brady

"Selina is generous with her time and packs as much information as she can into her consults..You will profit from her wisdom and knowledge of the business, and if you really listen to her words, you can hear her voice in your head, guiding your steps for many weeks to come. Selina comes from a profound understanding and respect of people. She does not do a quick portfolio review, criticize your work and tell you what to do. She listens very carefully to who you are and what you want out of life and out of your career and then helps you to find your true voice."

Michelle Mattei

"Selina is the best consultant you can hire. She truly cares for her clients and wants nothing more than for them to succeed. Each time I consult with Selina, she always comes up with another out of the box idea or suggestion as to how I can improve and enhance my business."

Tom Johnson

"Selina gets the whole program. From the business side, and the artistic side, to the holistic side."

Daniel Root

"I worked with Selina for about a year, and Selina suggests things that I’d never considered- making use of social media, ways of being introduced to potential clients, using existing clients as a springboard for expanding my network. Because of my work with Selina my business is moving to the next level."

Peter Cross

"Selina is a true gem, her insight and passion to her craft is truly inspiring. She has been my light house for over 30 years. She always brings great value to the process and with her balance of business savy and spiritual goodness there is always an inspired moment in every session. Hard work reveals the vision and Selina is an amazing coach/guide in the journey. Bring your tools and passion and you will thrive! "

Jake Armour

"Working with Selina was a pivotal point in my career transition from editorial to commercial photographer. Selina edited down a large body of my work and honed in on the images that truly represented my unique vision. In doing so, she not only helped me to create great print and online portfolios, but she actually helped me to define the direction I wanted to take my photography in the future. In retrospect, I’m not sure that I’d be where I am now, had I not decided to work with her."

Kevin Arnold

"With Selina's guidance I totally repositioned my business. We built a new body of work,and developed a 12 month sales and marketing campaign. I was awarded contracts to work for two national brands within the next year. Those two assignments were worth more than my year before. Spring and summer of 2011 have been outstanding with the studio solidly booked."

Nick Thomas